Mental health is health

Mental health is as significant as physical health but usually, the paramount importance of mental health is not valued at the same level as physical health. In many countries talking about mental health still represents a social stigma.
People are more comfortable and talking about their physical health but when it typically comes to the mental health issues they’re conventionally not that upbeat about it. With the pandemic, that we are facing this year, the importance of properly taking care of yourself mentally and physically is even more important. Human beings in common are social creatures and COVID-19 has cut that vital factor from our social life with its Physical distancing requirements.
Today is the mental health day and many people out there need this message that it is OK for us not to be OK. Self-care is important and it should be a part of everyone’s daily routine. There are many excellent articles and academic posts out there that amply demonstrate how properly taking care of your mental health meaningfully improves your physical health. Some of the measures to take care of yourself could be mindfulness yoga, exercise, gardening, reading, or any other activity that provides you peace of mind.
Here are some quotes that show that we all experience and eloquently express our genuine feelings and complex emotions in alternative ways and we all need to be supportive of each other.

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