10+ helpful COVID-19 resources for families
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2020 began on a pleasant note for most of us. Businesses were blooming, individuals were enjoying their ordinary routines, kids and young adults were rejoicing in their school and college life. There was ordinarily a considerable distinction between typical workdays and weekends. People kept the weekends for doing household chores and recreational activities. Some impromptu […]

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COVID and mental health – 10 useful tips
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As countries introduce and reintroduce preventive measures to restrict movement as part of efforts to reduce the number of people infected with COVID-19, more and more of us are implementing huge changes to our daily routines. The current realities of working from home, home-schooling, and remarkable lack of physical contact with other family members, friends, […]

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Here is what to expect the first time you visit a Nephrologist

If you are experiencing kidney problems or reasonably believe the kidneys of a family member need most earnest attention, it is time to visit a neurologist. What does a Nephrologist do? A nephrologist is a medical professional who specializes in kidney care, making sure they function well. They undergo training in internal medicine before specializing in treating patients with kidney diseases. They do a proper study of your kidney […]

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Is your school going kid showing COVID-19 symptoms?
covid-19 symptoms

Since the schools reopened, everyone is doing their best to keep their kids, themselves, and others safe from COVID-19. The kids are also trying to learn to navigate this school year with pandemic related restrictions. It is a learning curve for everyone. As mandatory in most of the schools, the parents fill the “completed Health […]

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Burnout with 10 proven prevention methods
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Off and on it is challenging to differentiate between stress and burnout. Our work culture is mostly perceived like one has to be neck-deep in work to demonstrate their dedication. Though there have been waves of work-life balance, sometimes it doesn’t reach the shore. This post discusses the reasons for burnout and various actions that […]

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A Curious Case of Patient Complaints using Social Media: Role of technology
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Social media has totally changed the way we seek services and leave reviews. From buying a house to ordering a pizza, you can find reviews for anything and everything. Healthcare is also not untouched with this change. There have been cases of patients highlighting the issues they face with the unconventional methods of social media. […]

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How sensitive health care professional can make a difference
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Most of us do not take pleasure in going to the hospital/medical unit. On top of it, if our physician seems indifferent, the apparent reluctance to seek medical care only grows. This post sums up some key points that the physicians can sharpen up their effective communication skills. Read more Website Link

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Quality of Life Progression during Dialysis Initiation
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The news of any chronic disease endure a lot to take in, and the start of its treatment can instantly turn into a mixed range of complex emotions. On one hand, there is comfort in knowing that the treatment can prolong life, but on the other hand, it can also mean a loss of autonomy […]

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How Technology has impacted the Healthcare Arena
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The relationship between a doctor and a patient is very sacred and volatile. Both come from different backgrounds, knowledge levels, and perspectives. A small misunderstanding can affect the patient’s trust. The physician typically spends between 10-30 minutes, in which he is listening to the patient and simultaneously juggling with all the technological advances to check the patient’s lab results, issuing referrals, consulting medical journals, etc. This remains very […]

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