7 Tips for an effortless remote school year

This is a decision that is not early to make. In an ideal world, where parents don’t have the financial worries and liabilities, most of them will choose to keep the kids home as there is no vaccine protection for kids younger than twelve. Sending kids to in-school learning can intensify the fear of kids contacting covid from someone in school. Parents with an opposing view may feel strongly about sending their kids to in-school learning, as living in isolation this long can bring many short and long-term physical and psychological issues. Today’s post provides tips to fellow parents who choose to opt for a remote school year for their kids.

Study Schedule


It is true that studying at home provides you with a more flexible schedule and leaves you more time at your disposal since you are not dropping off and picking your kids from school. Nevertheless, it is of utmost importance that a fixed schedule is created and followed for the study routine and other chores and tasks. This schedule will help the students achieve their daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly academic endeavours and leave them with a balanced time to do recreational activities. However, one thing should be kept in mind: the schedules created at homes need more adjustments and tweaking than the school counterparts, so one should be flexible and open-minded to the changes.

Lead by example


Help your children build confidence that they can succeed in an online study environment. In 2020 most of us found ourselves caught up in a crisis so monstrous that it shook the whole world. People whose lives were like a mechanical bearing, revolving only in one direction, came to a standstill, and they lost sight of their goals and purpose. With home becoming the workplace and people struggling to redefine the boundaries, it was only natural to lose focus. However, we have to accept this event as a part of our new everyday lives and help give us a fresh start. Follow a routine yourself so that kids have a role model to look up to.

Technology Time limit


Though, with the students studying remotely, they would be more dependent on the technology. However, it is still essential to take a break from technology. If you are into reading books, buy/loan the hardcopies. Also, put timers on various apps so that they don’t draw into their black hole.

Take Short Breaks


Please encourage students to break up their study time into reasonable segments. Taking little breaks increases mental energy and can help students remember what they have learned. This is helpful for older students as well as younger students with shorter attention spans.

Keep a Clean Learning Environment


Cleanliness brings happiness, but dirt makes us hurt. Even some new studies have found that clean places help people focus better and process information in an ideal way. Please encourage your children to keep their area tidy and clean. It saves their time to find the things in their time of need. This habit is suitable for personal hygiene as well.

Take care of your Physical Health


Schedule time for some physical activity daily. It can be in the form of walks, exercise, running, indoor exercise, yoga, or a mix of everything. It is also essential to get the recommended amount of sleep and eat a well-balanced diet. 

Take care of your mental health


Remote learning or working can sometimes be a very lonely and isolating experience. It can also trigger some other issues that you may already be facing. You need to keep a tab on your emotions and be involved with your children to feel comfortable reaching you if they feel overwhelmed. You can also read for the signs of anxiety in your child, but that is possible only when you are in the right mindset. Remember that taking care of your mental and physical health is not an option but a necessity.