How To Become An Experienced Fresher

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Fresher cannot be experienced and an experienced employee cannot be counted as fresher. Alas! A typo here! Is this what you are thinking? Well, this is not a typo but what most of the HR Professionals are looking for. Yes, FRESHERS who are not freshers anymore. Well, this may sound like a puzzle to you but it’s true. You must prove your worth to get a job as a fresher. If you are about to finish your professional degree and soon starting a job hunt, this article might help you.

Take Your Industrial Training Seriously

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Most of the students don’t understand the vital importance of Industrial training during their studies. It gives you the chance to adapt your theoretical knowledge into practical knowledge. You not only learn new things that the industry experts are working on, you also get constructive feedback.

Read Everything About The Company and Job Profile

Whenever you are going for an interview, you should try to gather all possible information about the company through the internet and other sources. Most of the interviewers.

Attend Soft Skills Classes

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Your job does not only depend on your knowledge but also your communication. You have just 10-15 minutes to crack an interview and being short of words may result in short of your goal.

Practical Knowledge of Subject

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Theoretical knowledge can only get you good scores or at the best may help you to get the written interview clear. But practical knowledge is more important as the recruiter will ask you some technical questions or may ask you to make a project in front of them in case you are shortlisted for further rounds.

Participate In Seniors’ Placement Drive

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This will give you a true picture of how the interviews are conducted. Obviously, recruiters won’t let you enter the one-o-one session, but you can assist in most of the other activities like intro session, written test and group discussion, etc. This will give you an idea of what’s going on.

Brush Your Basics

As you are a fresher, you cannot be asked any questions related to what an experienced professional is asked. But Recruiters have to ask something, right? So, they will assess your basics and check whether you know even the name of the subjects you studied in the last two years or not.

Plan Ahead

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Make your goals clear. Find out what you actually want to do because where there is a will, there is a way.

Learn From Your Failures

Don’t lose your heart if you do not get selected. Rather ask for feedback from the recruiter. In case you are appearing for a call center interview, the recruiter will most probably tell you straight away from your weak points that are mostly communication-related. But when you are going for an interview related to your field, chances for feedback are less.

In the end, it’s actually not the end but the beginning of your professional career. So our best wishes are with you. Here are some of the resume resources. Source