Format: Appointment Letter for Temporary Employment

When you are appointing an Employee for a short term project, say for six months, this Format can be used to appoint a person as Temporary Employee


Mr/Ms _____________________

Add: _______________________


Dear _______________________,

Appointment Letter

“XYZ Group welcomes you to our innovative and dynamic team”
This is with reference to your application and the subsequent interview; we are pleased to appoint you as Supervisor for a period of a maximum of two months on the terms & conditions as follows:
1. Your CTC is Rs 12000/- per month. Food, lodging, and conveyance expenses are excluded from CTC.
2. You shall be working according to the company guidelines as an employee of XYZ Group
3. You assure to work with us from ___________ to _________
4. Maximum tenure of this project is six months. However if the project ends prematurely due to some unavoidable circumstances, you will be paid your salary according to actual working days
5. You have been provided a handset (Model _________________make__________, IMIE No________________________& a postpaid connection (_______________) to full fill your official duties. Actual cost of this handset is Rs.__________ and maximum usage allowed is Rs 1500 per month. You are solely responsible for handset safety and its legitimate usage and only you will be held fully responsible for any sort of misuse/ damage. In case of lost/damage to the handset you are liable to pay the full amount to XYZ Group

You will not leave the project in between. In case of emergency discretion of Management shall be implemented. In case of disputes arising between you & Employer under this appointment letter during or after completion of the contract shall be referred to the arbitration of State Jurisdiction.
Please sign the duplicate copy of the letter as a token of your acceptance and return it to us for office records.

Yours truly,                                                                                     Accepted by

For XYZ Group                                                                              Signature of the Employee