Job Profile: Manager Marketing & Sales

Job Description

  • Recognizing potential and actual customers. Adding new customers and retaining the existing
  • Creating and generating new & innovative means for Promotions i.e. coming up with new, fresh, and original ideation.
  • Leading, Approaching, and pitching the clients and having thorough insight full understanding of clients needs preferences, and expectations further forwarding the same to backend operations/office and finally watching and supervising that all clients details, specifications, and expectations are met to clients delight and added to agencies experience and productivity.
  • Preparing Presentations/Proposals after giving food of thought & consideration to various clientele requirements, assessing them, and finally putting them in print or / pictorial form through PPT and presenting them to the potential client widespread in the market
  • Preparing the plan on marketing research in terms of pitching & approaching the new business clients and keeping consistent follow-up in terms of service need and make them aware of xxx as an agency to provide eventful services
  • Developing & Maintaining relations with the existent employee from the client-side and keeping track of his past business working / tie ups, present status, and future growth potential and further sustaining the same in long run to the best for our advantage.
  • Having vision & leadership qualities to lead various verticals in a specialized way such as ATL, BTL & Event management.
  • Content development
  • Tenders shortlisting and filling
  • Brand creation through website  & development