Format: Exit Interview Form


Employee Name:  Emp.ID:
Designation: Tenure:
Date of joining: Date of relieving:


1. Were you happy with the work environment?                                                                         [   ] Yes            [   ] No

2. Did you have possible support and equal treatment from the client?                            [   ] Yes            [   ] No

3. Did you have enough support from Company?                                                                        [   ] Yes            [   ] No

4. Was there any difficulty in accessing Company for your queries?                                   [   ] Yes            [   ] No

5. Were your problems resolved at the first call?                                                                        [   ] Yes            [   ] No

6. Will you consider returning to Company if given a better opportunity?                      [   ] Yes            [   ] No

7. Will you be interested in continuing relationship with us even after you leave?      [   ] Yes            [   ] No

8.  What are your primary reasons for leaving Company? (Better opportunity/More salary/Better culture/Better Atmosphere/More Benefits, Personal etc.)



9. What did you find most satisfying about your job?



10. What did you find most frustrating about your job?

11. Were there any company policies or procedures that made your work more difficult?

12. Would you recommend Company to a friend as a good place to work?

13. Is there anything the company could have done to prevent you from leaving?

14. How do you rate the relationship between you and Company?

Excellent    Good    Average     Poor

15. How do you rate Company in terms of quality of service offered to you?

Excellent    Good    Average     Poor

Interviewer Comments:

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