No Sew Braided Rainbow Tutu Dress

My daughter had a “Pink Day Celebration” in her school. She is always excited when it’s a casual dress day at her school. I searched on the internet and saw some really beautiful designs. But I wanted a splash of colors so I decided to make it multi-colored. I searched for Mash Fabric in Chandigarh, but I couldn’t find it at any shop. So I had to settle with Shimmer Net.

Now the other problem was the lack of color choice. It was only available in white so I had to get it dyed in the colors of my choice. I also made a pink-colored frock with the Tutu skirt to give some coverup for the top and legs. So this was the total material I bought.


For Tutu Skirt:

12 Mtrs White Shimmer Net

One Pack 1/2″ Elastic

2 Mtrs Silver Shimmer Net (Optional)

For Frock:

1 Mtr Satin Cloth

I cut a 12-meter white shimmer net into Four Equal Parts. I chose one White and got the other three dyed in Pink, Yellow, and Blue Colors.


Measure the waist size and cut the Elastic 2″ shorter than the waist size (You can adjust it afterward). Join both ends of the elastic to make a loop either by Sewing Machine or by hand.

Now comes the Main Part: Cutting the Net/ Tulle/ Mash. Decide how much length you want. You need to double the length and add 4″ to the total length. Like if you want the length of the skirt to be 12″, You need to cut the fabric into 28″ {(12″*2)+4} Strips. I chose the width to be 6 centimeters but you can increase or decrease it as per your preference. Now you just have to tie the fabric on the waistband. Fold the strips in half, keep the looped side under the elastic, and pull the loose ends through the loop to secure. I made a stash of all four colors and added all colors one by one. Just keep adding the strips till your elastic is fully covered. Now add the Silver Colored Strips (cut in the same size) after every eight strips.

If you don’t want a braided look, you can stop here. In this picture, I was just trying the dress on her and I have not added the silver-colored Net yet. You can see it lying it at bedside. And yes my daughter was practicing to write “B”.


I decided to give it a different look by making braids of the different colored strips to give it a more vibrant effect. Once finished, it will look something like this. The extra 4″ you added while cutting the strips comes handy now. Because of braids, the ends will look uneven. Now you can either choose to keep it this way or trim the ends to make it look even.braid Now comes the Pink Frock part. (Optional) I made a simple shirred frock with straps.


You can wear this at the waist or even at shoulder length. Have a look at different looks.



Added roses from the leftover skirt material and also made a headband with it.