How to jazz up a simple baby onesie

If you have a white onesie and some free time, you can add an oomph to your little man’s dress. I am sharing my creation through pictures. I know the result is not perfect, the eyes are looking like a single fried egg and the feet like they are polio ridden but c’mon this was my first try at drawing and painting, so be considerate 😉

Choose your subject and draw it on the onesie with a pencil. (And don’t be super excited like me. I drew on the backside instead of the front)

White Onesie

Keep a paper in between so that when you color, it doesn’t up on the other side.

Once you are done with the rough sketch, draw the outline in black color. Yes, I always start the other way round and made the yellow design first.


Completing the outline will hardly take half an hour if your kids are asleep and a lifetime if they are awake.

Drawing on onesie

Fill the colors as per your wish and love 🙂

owl drawing

And here the finished one. Umm the feet of the owl are not exactly the same and I might add a branch or something later. But for now, kids are awake so it’s better to keep the stuff back in the closet. Else they will start creating their own designs.

Owl onesie