How to make a Girl’s Skirt out of Old Jeans

I have a few pairs of jeans that don’t fit me anymore or I am just bored of it. I had these corduroy jeans that I had treasured for long, hoping that someday it would again fit me perfectly. But that day never came. So, I decided to make a jacket and skirt out of it for my Four-Year-old daughter.




The Process is quite simple and easy.

Open the seams of inner legs. Then put both front leg sides together and cut the extra cloth on the Backsides to make it look symmetrical.



I didn’t touch the zipper or the front button. Now stitch both front sides together and then both back sides together.


I kept a little slit on the front side.


Fold the stitched skirt from the bottom and stitch it with a simple stitch or a zigzag stitch. Hurray! the Skirt is ready.

Now I still had half the legs of the jeans after making this skirt. So I made a jacket out of it.

Take a well-fitted shirt of your kid and cut the jeans cloth according to the template.

Add some buttons and lace. I used lace for button loops and for making a belt also.