How to make a cover for Kitchen Aid cover pattern

This is one of my husband’s most prized possession. He cleans it more than he cleans his car. Well, that reminds me of how passionate he is about his gadgets and machinery. (Note: Only about his gadgets and machinery 🙁 )

Anyway, that’s a different story. So, he wanted something to cover the mixer when not in use, to save it from dust and of-course children. I thought why not make a cover at home? I had one red velvet piece that could be used in making the cover. And, it also matched the colour of the mixer (as they say “empire red colour”).

So I measured the mixer and hurray the fabric was just perfect for it.


Following are the measurements (Seam allowance included):

Front and Back measurements:

Width 16 cm

Length 12 cm

Side measurement:

Width 5 cm

Length 12 cm

Top Measurement:

Width 5 1/2 cm

Length 16 cm


Cut the fabric as per the measurement. Front and back: two pieces each, side measurement: 2 pieces each, top: single piece. So now you have total 5 pieces with you.



The difficult part is over. Yay! Now you can add any details to the front part to make it look “custom made” for you. We decided to write “Kitchen Aid” at the top portion and “Chef Rana” at the bottom.


Do all the embroidery and decoration before stitching the pieces together to avoid any difficulty. (Ask me how I know)

I didn’t use the printed alphabets, I wrote the letters with removable chalk and did the embroidery over it. I wrote “Kitchen Aid” first but I didn’t like it much. The gap between the alphabets was not the same and it didn’t turn out the way I wanted. It was my first time at embroidery.


So I took another piece of fabric and redid the embroidery with more caution.


I, then added this Fabric to cover the first one. Then I finished the other part and wrote “Chef Rana”



Now add all the pieces together. It will look something like this from the backside.


I added a stitch row on the front side too.


Just do a simple stitch at 1/2” allowance


Additional Step: To give some firmness to the fabric, I added a stiffened cloth and then a cloth piece on the reverse side of the front piece.



Now fold the cover at the bottom as per the length desired by you.  Although the mixer is very beautiful and covering it is not justified, but when you are living in India and your kids are just as nice as mine, I think the cover is a safe bet.