Crochet: How to Make a Flower Motif Sweater

I love knitting and crochet.  It works as a great stress buster for me. I am very determined to make a perfect piece whenever I start but lose my determination midway. I have to work on this. I am no master, just a curious learner, so kindly bear with me.

Sometimes I forget to take a snapshot and at times deviate from the original design. And I am in such a hurry when it comes to the final touch or finishing.  PS: Click the images for full view. Anyway, let’s start the process.

(Ch -Chain, Sl St – Slip Stitch, sc- Single Stitch, hdc – Half Double Stitch, dc- Double Stitch, tc- Triple Stitch

Mateial 250 gms knitting yarn (Mine is Malwa knitting yarn shade 34)

Hook Number 5

Step 1: Chain 8, make a loop with sl st.


Step 2: sc 16, sl st when done



Step 3: ch 9, make a loop of it with a sc, 4 sc in next 2



Step 4: repeat this process and make six such loops



Step 5: When it completes, Go to 1st loop, and follow this pattern to make a petal shape

2 sc, 2 hdc, 2 dc, 3 tc, ch 3, 3 tc, 2 dc, 2 hdc and 2 sc. Then a sc after the loop ends


Step 6: Follow this process on all the six loops to make your 1st flower. Keep it aside. Start making the 2nd flower.
Repeat step 1-4. When on step 5, join the petal of 1st flower with the 2nd one by attaching their chains to each other

2 sc, 2 hdc, 2 dc, 3 tc, ch 3, attach the same ch of 1st with the 2nd flower, 3 tc, 2 dc, 2 hdc and 2 sc. Then a sc after the loop ends. Every flower will have its two petals attached to the other flower.


Now keep making the flower and attach it as per your requirement



I made 7 flowers in each row but I think an even number will be better, so you can try 6 or 8 flowers in each row.

I made total 41 flowers, 35 for front and back and three each for each sleeve

Here is the end result