Format: Termination Letter after Probation

Termination of Services

Dated: xxx




Employee ID


Dear xxx,

We have repeatedly asked you to put more effort and passion into your work. We made the decision to give you repeated chances at performing you duties to the required standards of the company, but your recent work has not been complete or accurate and therefore is useless.

The management has found that your performance has not been up to the required standard. You were given sufficient time to attain the standards required to perform your job. However, you failed to improve your performance.

With this type of performance, Company has decided to relieve you of your duties w.e.f______________. If you feel that this decision has been made without the knowledge of all pertinent information, please feel free to speak with me immediately. Any personal information that you provide will be reviewed as deemed necessary.

Please note that the nature of your services is sensitive and important that requires high standard of performance and non-performance is prejudicial to the interests of the organization.

You are requested to submit all the company belongings provided to you and you will be receiving the salary till ______________________


Again, we regret this act is compulsory.

I would like to wish you good luck in your future endeavors.