Get Out: A Bizarre French Animation with a Twist

This French animated film may seem frightening, but hang in there for the surprise ending. You will simply love the unexpected ending….Although you have to deal with advertisement for 20-30 seconds 🙁 Get Out by Esma-Movie  

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Be Conscious, Be Human
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Eco-friendly, Global-warming, carbon footprint, organic food, and going green are voguish jargon these days. But behind the buzz, there is a real need for each of us to do something constructive, an action that will save and revitalize our planet that is groaning under the strain of too many people using too few resources. If […]

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Stop Treating Employees as Bonded Labor
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There are many laws and regulations for benefiting employees in India but most of the companies hardly pay any heed to them. Laws are meant to be broken. The face of the companies we see is quite different from reality. Most of the companies, that are considered to be the top-notch companies, and where many […]

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Life in a Call Center
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If your teenaged son is asking for your BMW to drive and is ready to do “anything” for it, but you are not sure if he is responsible enough to be handed over the keys, just ask him to join a call center for six months. I think the best way to discipline an errant […]

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Worrier vs Warrior: Choice is yours
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A few days back, I read somewhere that there are three types of people in this world: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened. Now it’s only and only “You” who can decide which category you will fall into. Are you a born fighter or just […]

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How to make your CV Stand Apart
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The importance of a CV (curriculum vitae) can not be ignored at any stage. Before you land on your dream work station or even try hands on your first job, lots of procedures and scrutinizing take place for shortlisting and calling the candidates for the interview.

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How long should an Employee work in one organization?
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Gone is the era when employees use to stick to one organization for life long (well even after retirement they use to get a pension from that company only). With the privatization of business and increased opportunities in hands, you will hardly find a person whose resume can boast of serving a single organization until […]

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Get Creative With Fruits
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Fruits are nature’s best gift to us. We can eat them raw, or make delicious recipes. They are a natural source of vitamins and minerals. But today we are not going to discuss any of the benefits of fruits and vegetables. It’s time for some fun.  Let’s get creative and make some shapes out of […]

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Hot?? Tattoo Designs?
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These days tattoos are a rage among people from all generations especially youngsters. They convince their parents that it’s body art and with good reason. It gives a sense of confidence and blah blah. But sometimes a weird tattoo can turn the table and make talk of the town for the wrong reason. Tattoos are […]

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