Poem: A year with Covid 19

The year 2020 promised a good vision,

March came, brought a new flu-like season,

Panic spread, it implied an apocalypse,

Others still couldn’t find a reason.

Lockdowns made the world hold still,

People stumbled to pay their bills,

Constant reminders,

 Keep a distance; it’s Covid 19; it kills!

Every nation under lockdown, stay at home orders in my city,

Toilet paper became the hot commodity,

The stages of evolution became rudimentary.

Fear took over, no solution, mind faltered,

Finding solace with the face covered,

Some used spirits to keep up the spirits,

While others sobered.

Unknown territory, unprecedented challenges in the way,

 World trotters couldn’t fly away,

The officials read scripts, but didn’t know what to say.

Playgrounds turned haunted,

People baked and roasted,

New trends in social media,

Pictures faking to help, posted.

Several started hoarding with passion,

 Others donated, showed compassion,

Carrying Hand sanitizers, wearing masks became a new fashion.

Many occupants, single room,

Sharing computers, everybody on zoom,

So much at stake, chaos everywhere,

Mental health doomed.

Netflix & prime entertained,

A roller coaster ride, with few undisciplined,

Won’t wear masks, they complained.

Virtual connections became a new reality,

Zoom fatigue is real, challenging our sanity,

Overpower the negative emotions by

Seeking help, self-care & positive mentality,

Elderly suffered the most,

Infection was widespread, from coast, to coast, to coast,

Stood by the windows, waited an eternity to be dosed.

With the vaccination in sight,

We hope the trajectory is right,

Get vaccinated, stop this fight,

Or the virus can strike back, yes, it might!

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