Honda Vs Toyota

For all those, who are looking for a comparison between Honda CRV and Toyota Fortuner, this is not the right column for you. But for the one, interested to know how well they will When to be treated and the “After Sales Services” they will be given, they can get a glimpse of my experience in both brands’ showrooms.

Last year we bought Honda City, (my prized possession), and this year we bought a Toyota Innova. Both have different features, different engine capacity and caters to different sections of Vehicle lovers and one is an ultimate sedan and the other a wonderful MUV. But the difference does not end here. Both have different ways of treating their customers too.

While buying a Honda car was a smooth ride, buying a Toyota was a bumpy one. The knowledge level and the etiquettes were far better in Honda Employees.  They say, “Customer is the king” but no one seems to follow this in Toyota. There is no respect for customer time and no one cares about making him feel special.

  • When we bought the Honda, an executive came home to collect the token money whereas we had to go to the Toyota showroom especially to give the token money.
  • Honda delivered the car on the day & the promised, whereas Toyota delayed the delivery by Four days.
  • The staff was very friendly and enthusiastic at the Honda showroom. They treat their customers very well and attend you as soon as you enter the premises. Whereas no one promptly came to assist us when we visited Toyota’s showroom.
  • Air Conditioners are switched off in the Toyota showroom after 6 PM and no one offered us water or other cold beverages on a hot summer day. They say the Office pantry is open till MD is there and after that, you can only get hot tea or hot coffee. When we went to Honda, they offered us both cold and hot beverages along with yummy snacks. It’s not about the beverages here. When  a person is spending in lacs, he can obviously spend one or two hundred for Cold drinks and snacks, but what about
  • When we got the delivery of Toyota, it was full of mud and dust, they didn’t even bother to wash it before handing it over to a customer.

It was so disheartening to see such unprofessional behavior from a top-notch brand. This way, they are surely going to lose some customers and its brand value.