Book review: “When Breath Becomes Air” by Paul Kalanithi

Death and anything to do with this word makes most of us uncomfortable. It is a process of life or rather an end of life, and everyone has to go through this door. Still, accepting it is not easy, especially if it is untimely or sudden. It is difficult to imagine what a person would feel when he is told that he has a terminal illness, and thus a short period to live. There must be an avalanche of various emotions, which can be hard to contain.

This book is an autobiography of a neurosurgeon who is diagnosed with a terminal illness. He chronicles his ups & downs along with the journey, focusing on his life with his wife and a young child. It takes intricate courage to share one’s innermost thoughts and vulnerabilities with the world. However, this author has beautifully crafted a real-life story with sensibility and maturity.

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