Stand up to the Bullies

Stand up to the bullies, you only have to do it once.

It is not just a statement. I have experienced it and I can proudly admit that I got the results instantly. Have you heard that song by Katy Perry, “Roar”?

If not….you must listen and HEAR that song. Each and every word crooned by the singer is so true.

I stood for nothing….so I fell for everything

The same was with me as well. I was tolerating the nonsense and highly insulting behaviour of this person, just because I didn’t have the guts to stand up for myself.  I was too busy thinking about this other person ” what will people say?”I now realize that if I had done this on day one, I would not have to suffer for all these years. And people, they don’t matter anymore. I pitied myself, counselled myself, told myself that one day everything is going to be okay but that day never came. The situation soon becomes out of control.

This was the time, when my husband, gave me the courage and stood by me, and showed me the path to set this bully right. I chose not to reveal the identity of this person, not because I am still afraid of him/her, but because I don’t want to stoop this low. My only aim to discuss my life experience with you is to show you that only you can stand up for yourself in the best manner.

So this person was literally ruining my peace of mind and health his/her daily dose of bad words, remarks, gestures, and sometimes even with a bad stare. I frankly admit, that before meeting this person, I never thought someone can actually be like this. I was warned about this person well before meeting him/her, but I thought I can changer his/her nature for the better with my love and care. I was so wrong! Everything I did was wrong in his/her eyes, no matter how much others appreciate it. There was no way one can make this person happy. Maybe some people are born this way.

However, I let this person interfere in my life and didn’t question his/her authority out of love, respect, and fear. Yes, fear too, I am not a fighter, I find it very disturbing to enter even a small argument and keep quiet even if I know I am right.

I guess I forgot I had a choice, I let you push me to the breaking point.

So I sat quietly, agree politely.

But once I took proper action and told that person very firmly that I am not going to accept his/her bad behaviour more, he/she backed out, and believe me he/she hasn’t uttered a single bad word after that.

So my advice through my own experience to you is “stand up for yourself.”