How to make your CV Stand Apart

The importance of a CV (curriculum vitae) can not be ignored at any stage. Before you land on your dream work station or even try hands on your first job, lots of procedures and scrutinizing take place for shortlisting and calling the candidates for the interview.


Before you meet your prospective employers for an interview, they shortlist you on the basis of your CV or resume. Thus it is extremely important not to leave any chance of error in your CV, which can take away your Golden opportunity. There are certain fundamental rules, which you should take care of while making your CV.


There are many formats of CV, that can be downloaded, but most of the HR professionals can judge which CVs are written originally and which ones are just copied and pasted from the net. So never just imitate a format blindly otherwise your CV will be straightaway shown the way to the trash.


Your Experience and qualification should always be mentioned in a sequence, starting from the latest at the first in the experience column, and the highest degree at the top in Qualification Column. The employer is more interested in knowing your current job and KRAs rather than knowing about what you have done in past. In case of qualification, it is understood that if you have done your MBA then obviously, you have cleared your high school. To emphasize on highest qualification.


Customize your CV according to the job requirement in the company, you are applying for. This certainly does not mean that you should fake your CV. It’s just that if the company is looking for a recruitment specialist, and you have a generalist HR profile, with 30% recruitment involved, mention your experience and achievements related to recruitment at the top of the experience column. To put it in simple words, Highlight what the company wants.

As said earlier, Never fake your CV. The interviewer panel can judge your actual knowledge from your words and actions. So make sure that nothing is exaggerated or falsely written to get a chance to get interviewed.

Once you are shortlisted for the initial round on the basis of your CV, make sure to make most of it by preparing well for the interview. All the best for your Job Search.