Your Lack of Manners

While thinking about the title, I knew that it sounds absurd and even a little offensive too. But I am not targeting anyone of my known or for that matter none of you. I am just worried about the fact that anything can go viral over the internet.
internet warking signs

Before I say anything against the possible threats internet is posing for our personal lives, I must admit that I am a die-hard fan of the internet. Not only because I earn money from the internet to spend extravagantly again on online shopping but also because it has opened a whole new world of possibilities for me. The virtual world seems equally good as the real world and people here are helpful. You get new things to learn every day without any delay.
Yesterday I was going through an online gossip tablet in-between my work schedule to get some virtual fresh air when I read an article about a personal email exchanged between a mother and daughter-in-law has gone viral.
Have a look at the mail first and you will understand my concern.
letter from mom in law
A very personal email, or should I say a HOT email between a posh mother and a future bride is being read by all including me and you. The future bride got a mail from her husband’s mom telling her the list of etiquette she is missing.

What surprised me more than the mom-in-law’s harsh words was the attitude of the Bride, who forwarded this private mail to her friends. The friends further forwarded it to their friends only to make it viral. I know the bride must have felt “really” bad for what she read, but she should have shown a sensible act by talking to her parents and even the boy about it. Sharing the mail like she has got first division in university exams won’t solve the problem.

internet good or bad

Why people forget that we live in the real world and not the virtual one. Why can’t they keep their personal and private talks to themselves? I have many times seen people making announcements on Twitter or Facebook about what time did they get up, what song they are listening to, what they had in their breakfast, and so on. Wake up man, I may sound like a pessimist but unless you are a celebrity, no one really if you had anything in Breakfast or not. People have better and important things in life to think over.

I am in no way taking the side of this “perfect” mom-in-law but the bride has also lost her chance of making a wise decision and proving her mother-in-law wrong.