Are you Giving False Accreditation to Employers?

One of the biggest problem, a recruiter faces while hiring new candidates, is the submission of Fake documents and information. Employees for the greed of getting a better salary and higher positions, don’t hesitate to give false information and accreditation. While in most Big and Medium-sized organizations, details are scrutinized and details are verified, Small-sized organizations usually lack behind in getting the details verified mainly due to lack of resources and manpower.


This post is not for discussing the woes of the recruiters, because they lose nothing by digging the truth. But you may be planning the biggest mistake of your career.

  • Employees do not calculate the risks and implications of this to their careers. If caught cheating, their career, and all the actual achievements can get a major blow and no Employer can trust them again.
  • Most of the companies usually conduct a background verification program, once the candidate is given the Offer Letter, to cut the cost of recruitment and save their precious time. Thus by the time you waive a good-bye to your old organization in haste and start planning the ways to spend the increased salary from your newest Employer, it gets hold of your false information through verification.
  • This market place is a small place. You may initially succeed in faking your details, but the truth can come out in an unexpected and unpleasant manner at any time. This fear will block your creativity and you may not be able to give your 100%
  • With power comes the responsibility. You may get recruited on the basis of false information you provided, but how will you get the actual experience of that work profile. Your lack of experience may eventually lead your exit from your dream job.
  • Once you are sacked from any organization for providing false information, you will become an eyesore for other prospective employers as well.
  • Don’t shun from hard work and don’t always look up to shortcuts. You may get some success in the short run, but in the end, it is your capabilities and knowledge which helps you reach new heights.
  • When you sign an appointment letter, it has a clause for sacking an employee for providing false information. Don’t underestimate any legal document you sign. You have to abide by it through thick and thin.

All good is hard. All evil is easy. Dying, losing, cheating, and mediocrity is easy. Stay away from easy. Sophocles quotes “I would prefer even to fail with honor than to win by cheating”. Work hard and you will surely succeed in your life without having remorse of your false deeds.

All the best for your job hunt!