Feeling Depressed? Listen to your inner voice
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Of the 7.5 billion world, a staggering 350 million people suffer from depression, and the alarming part is that many of us don’t want to talk about it due to the shame and fear of negative association with mental illness. There are various approaches and practices to treat depression and one of them is called “Behavioral activation.” Every individual has a unique experience with the effects […]

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Book review: “When Breath Becomes Air” by Paul Kalanithi
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Death and anything to do with this word makes most of us uncomfortable. It is a process of life or rather an end of life, and everyone has to go through this door. Still, accepting it is not easy, especially if it is untimely or sudden. It is difficult to imagine what a person would […]

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Mental health is health
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Mental health is as significant as physical health but usually, the paramount importance of mental health is not valued at the same level as physical health. In many countries talking about mental health still represents a social stigma.People are more comfortable and talking about their physical health but when it typically comes to the mental […]

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Quiz: Check your mental health
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This interactive quiz seeks you a few questions to explore how is your mental health. This quiz is not based on medial advice, and if people observe someone or find themselves in emotional distress, diligently seeking a specialist’s help is enormously important. Take the test here

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12 things you can do to brighten up when having a bad day
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This post comprises a combination of an published article, an infographic, and a video on the topic of a list of things you can do to brighten up when you are having a bad day. The animated video is my first ever completed project in composing and editing so there are few areas where the audio could have been better managed. Read more Video link

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Are you experiencing a panic attack?
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A panic attack is widespread in the general population, and all have their own experiences and triggers associated with it. A proper evaluation is necessary to assuredly find out the considerable extent and the possible treatment. This article outline what a panic attack feels like and some practical tips to efficiently manage it. Read more Website Link

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Effects of Burnout and 10 prevention strategies
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Burnout is not just a fancy term but a crucial matter that should not be ignored. No individual is immune to it, and it can set at any time of your life. This explanatory video and the corresponding article here by discussing in intricate detail the leading causes, potential effects, and the prevention strategies of the burnout. Read more Video

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Video: The Dark cloud: Understanding depression
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Depression remains not just a descriptive word but an accurate statement in itself. It is extremely unfortunate mental health is still not considered at par with physical health. This video compiles some of the key points to carefully describe what depression looks like.

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Work From home burnout
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We are undoubtedly living in uncertain times. COVID-19 has naturally forced us into a various realm where we are apprehensive of what the foreseeable future possesses in store for us. Every day has to be treated with an abundance of the extraordinary precaution. Since late March, many employees were forced to work remotely. Though on the surface, it looks like a promising point, but on a deeper level, working from home encounters its potential perils, especially for the employees and organizations, for whom this concept is […]

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Book Review: “Moonface” – By Angela Balcita
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This forthcoming book is about a woman, who received not one, not two but three kidney transplants. She shares her fierce joys, fears, profound sorrows, moral & social commitments, and unbreakable bonds with us through her book. To read more Website Link

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